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Benefits of Installing a Paver Patio

Grosse Pointe Paver Patio – Quality Brick Paving

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A patio is one of the most worthwhile investments you can add to your home. Not only will it provide years of outdoor entertainment and dining but when you decide to sell your house, a patio can actually increase your property value. When it comes to patio designs, paver patios are becoming a popular option. Made from pavers or bricks, homeowners marvel at their easy installation at low-maintenance. If you are considering adding an outdoor entertainment space, here are a few reasons to choose a paver.

Grosse Pointe Paver Patio

Pictured above is one of our gorgeous paver patio projects!

Aesthetics and Versatility

Plain concrete patios might be the most cost-effective option for outdoor entertainment, but let’s face it, they are far from stylish. Building a patio with paver bricks, on the other hand, allows you to experiment with color and design. Whether you want a multi-colored, intricate design or a simplistic, natural look, paver patios provide plenty of creative options.

Easy Installation

Unlike installing a deck or another outdoor entertainment space, installing a paver patio is quick and easy. In fact, most installations take only a few days or a weekend at most. This means you will spend less time dealing with the hassle of construction and more time enjoying the outdoors and relaxing with your family and friends.


Paver patios are also popular because they are incredibly low-maintenance. Decks require frequent staining or painting and poured concrete patios can crack or split over time, which can be expensive to fix. Pavers, on the other hand, require minimal maintenance. If a brick cracks or breaks, you can simply replace it with a new one. Overall, this will save you money in the long run and prevent a couple of future headaches.

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7 Myths About Pavers Debunked

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If you are in need of a top rated and reliable Grosse Pointe Brick Paving service, please contact Quality Brick Paving at (248) 837-9991 for a free estimate. Click here to see photos of our work or read our excellent reviews online!

Grosse Pointe Brick Paving

Pictured above is one of our beautiful brick paving projects in Grosse Pointe MI!

Thinking of installing pavers in your driveway, patio, or any unused yard space at home?

Chances are you’ve come across some negative feedback and you still cannot decide whether to give the project a go.

In this post, we’ll talk about common misconceptions about pavers and why they shouldn’t hold you back.

Let’s get started.

1. “Pavers are too costly.”

Good quality pavers give you value for your money.

The cost of installing pavers varies depending on the type of stone, color, manufacturer, and pattern used. Site condition is another factor to consider. But generally, the cost is between $8- $14 a square foot.

The good thing about this investment is that it eventually pays for itself. Also, pavers last for years with minimal upkeep.

2. “Pavers wouldn’t last.”

Pavers are a durable material.

They can last for up to 30 to 40 years, but that still depends on the quality of the paver used. Hence, it’s necessary that you know where the company sources their pavers.

3. “Pavers promote weed growth.”

Thanks to polymeric sand and sealers, paver joints can now resist weed growth. Be sure to ask your company about the sand they’re using because regular sand wouldn’t do the job.

4. “Pavers shift.”

When properly laid the first time, pavers are least likely to run uneven. Also, in the unlikely event that pavers shift, repair is relatively easy as they’re set without mortar.

5. “Pavers make snow removal harder.”

Plowing snow wouldn’t have to be an issue as pavers will stay even.

Add to that, pavers have salt tolerance that enabling them to hold up better than concrete.

Snow is also likely to melt faster because it can breathe through the paver joints. These paver joints also allow water to drain so the area is less likely to turn out slippery.

6. “Pavers are hard to repair.”

One advantage to installing pavers is that they are very durable. In the unlikely event that a piece gets broken or would need replacement, repair can be done with ease. Pavers are installed by piece which allows you to work only on a specific area.

7. “Paver selection is limited.”

Pavers come in various colors and styles.

For paving stones, for instance, you can customize patterns for installation. If you want your family’s initials set, then you only need to approach your contractor about it.

You can also choose colors that complement your home or create a mood depending on the material you choose.


Keep in mind that quality workmanship is the key.

It’s least likely that you’d encounter issues if pavers are properly installed. With that, make sure to go over customer reviews before deciding to hire a paving stone company. If it’s for your home, you want only the best.

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Grosse Pointe Brick Paving Company

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If you are in need of a top rated Grosse Pointe Brick Paving Company, please contact Quality Brick Paving & Landscaping at (248) 837-9991 today for a free quote! Click here to see photos of our work or watch this video to see it in action! 

Advantages Of Brick Paving

1. Slip-Resistance Surface: The most important benefit of using brick pavers is that it naturally has a slip resistance surface which helps to decrease the likelihood of accidents near wet areas. It has a textured surface with abrasive characteristics. Swimming pool, outdoor areas, pathways and other wet places must use brick pavement in order to ensure a high level of safety and security.

2. Color Strength: Another benefit of using brick paver is that it has an ability to retain its color consistently throughout a long period of time. The material doesn’t get adversely affected by ultraviolet rays of the sun. This is because no artificial colors are added or pigmented during its processing. The appearance of brick pavers comes naturally from the rich color and beauty of clay material.

3. Strength & Durability: Brick paver is used for different landscaping projects such as vehicle driveways, municipal construction projects and pedestrian walkways because it is durable and hard in nature. It has the ability to withstand very high loading levels.

4. Environmental Friendly: As stated earlier, brick paver is made using natural clay material, which automatically turns the product into an eco-friendly option. The advantages of using an eco-friendly product as paving material is that it can retain all its natural properties including finishes and colors for a long period of time, which means an investment that can add value to your property.

5. Flexible Integrity: Brick paver is able to maintain its inter-locking form far better than concrete. When the underlying earth along with the material moves, clay paving automatically adjusts itself with the movement and accommodates with the underlying soil, thereby helping to prevent cracking of the entire pavement system.

6. Quick InstallationBrick pavers do not require much time to be installed. Besides that, they can be laid easily in any kind of weather, which can be very effective to keep budgeting and time management issues in check.

Thus, before choosing the type of material for your pavement option, consider the above mentioned advantages of clay brick paver and decide your product or material type accordingly.

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