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Brick Paving Grosse Pointe

Brick Paving Grosse Pointe

Quality Brick Paving and Landscaping provides top rated Grosse Pointe MI Brick Paving services. Hire the experienced team you can trust for your brick paving projects in Grosse Pointe MI today by calling (248) 837-9991 today.

Many benefits of installing brick pavers for your home or commercial project

If you have a high traffic area such as a walk way or driveway then you should consider using Pavers. Their ability to withstand tremendous pressure and heavy a load makes them a number one choice for homeowners looking for lasting results. The variety of pavers is quite extensive, and the patterns can be quite simple or extremely elaborate. Using  Pavers will increase the value of your home or property.

Pavers will last longer than poured concrete and hold their color better than decorated concrete. Pavers maintain their interlocking form better than tile. When the underlying earth moves and shifts (as it always does, especially in California)  pavers will adapt  to the movement in the foundation. The result: -your pavers won’t crack the way concrete will.

Cost-wise long term, interlocking pavers is the best choice. The maintenance is minimal and the durability is long standing beyond anything else on the market especially poured concrete which has a tendency of cracking.  The repair to a paver walk way or paver driveway is a fraction of what replacing an entire driveway would be if you poured concrete. Pavers are also recyclable. If a single paver in the middle of your walkway becomes stained or cracked it’s very simple to just lift out the damaged paver and replace it with a new one. The overall maintenance cost and replacement cost of a paver driveway, walkway or stairs is minimal compared to say, concrete.

Pavers overall have an abrasive texture which reduces sliding which make them idea for driveways, and especially stairs. If you have an outdoor barbeque or fire pit, then you should consider using pavers as an increased safety measure. Brick pavers are also an excellent safety precaution against dangerous wet surfaces such as swimming pools and spa areas. Pavers are quickly installed and ready for use immediately. Ideal if you are planning events at your home for the summer!

Using pavers for your driveway, walkway, stairs or pool deck is an environmentally wise choice; pavers are made from natural clay and solidified into hard compact form. Your brick pavers will not lose color over time or bleach out in the sun. They are  a very financially sound investment for your driveway or walkway. The color of the brick paver is inherent property of the actual clay itself. There is no color that is added to the paver.

The cleaning process of a paver driveway is much easier than that of a concrete driveway which is prone to stain and irreversible damage. To clean a paver driveway all you need is a little detergent some water and a scrub brush. A good paver driveway will last for generations, think of some of the streets in Boston, they’ve been around for 200+ years, or think about the well trafficked city streets in Europe. You can even power wash them. source: woodyslandscape.com

Quality Brick Paving and Landscaping specializes in brick paving in Grosse Pointe MI and surrounding areas. Let us take care of your Grosse Pointebrick paving as well as landscaping needs. Call (248) 837-9991 for a free estimate!

Top 3 Reasons Pavers Are Better Than Concrete

Grosse Pointe MI Brick Paver Services – Quality Brick Paving (248) 837-9991

Grosse Pointe MI Brick Paver Services

If you are in need of top rated Grosse Pointe MI Brick Paver Services, please contact Quality Brick Paving at (248) 837-9991 for a free estimate today. Click here to see photos of our brick paving projects or read our great reviews.

  1. Brick Pavers are quick to install. In less than a week you can have a brand new pool deck, driveway or outdoor living space!
  2. Choosing Brick Pavers will allow you to choose different sizes, colors, textures and patterns – making your Hardscape project unique and one of a kind!
  3. Most brick paver manufacturers offer a substantial warranty on their material, such as 20+years to life. You definitely can’t say this about concrete!

Pavers are: Durable. Attractive and Affordable. Unlike concrete, installing pavers will upgrade your homes appeal and value!

Pavers offer: a unique way to customize your homes Outdoor Living space. With installation in less than a week, what could be better?!

For experienced and trusted Grosse Pointe MI Brick Paver Services, call Quality Brick Paving at (248) 837-9991 for a free quote! 

source: americanpavingdesign.com

Brick Paver Driveways Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Quality Brick Paving and Landscaping provides top rated Grosse Pointe MI Brick Paving services. Call the expert Brick Paving team you can trust at (248) 837-9991 for a free estimate today!

The Many Benefits of Pavers for Your Driveway:

Pavers Mean Great Curb Appeal!

Want to visually set your home apart from everybody else’s?  The first thing people see when they pull up to you home is your driveway.  Make a first impression that will last.  A paver driveway can set apart your home from everybody else’s in your neighborhood, in a good way.

Pavers Water Your Tree Roots

Sick of tree roots destroying your concrete driveway? Large trees have extremely large root systems.  In fact, some trees’ root systems can spread 50-80 feet out from the trunk of the tree.  If your concrete driveway was installed over that root system, those roots could push up your concrete driveway. As the trees grow, so do their roots, mostly because they are searching for water. Concrete and asphalt driveways cut off the water supply to the roots under the driveways. Paver driveways will allow more water through the surface than concrete and asphalt, thus not starving the roots of much needed water.

Pavers Provide Flexible Installation

The great thing about driveway pavers is the flexibility in installing them. With so many paver patterns, pavers colors, and designs available in the market place today, American Paving Design can achieve just about any look with paving stones. Once the paver driveway is installed, they are ready for use. The benefits of paver driveways go beyond being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When installed correctly, paver driveways outlast both asphalt driveways and concrete driveways.  Asphalt and concrete will crack and become an eyesore and potentially a hazard.

Pavers Come in a Variety of Colors

Another benefit of brick driveway pavers is their color. Driveway pavers come is so many colors for every taste and style. While some materials will fade dramatically over time and need to be replaced, brick driveway pavers are colored all the way through the brick and will retain a consistent color over their lifetime. source: americanpavingdesign.com

Quality Brick Paving and Landscaping is here to help you with your Brick Paving in Grosse Pointe MI and surrounding areas. Call the Grosse Pointe Brick Paving team you can trust at (248) 837-9991 today for a free estimate.

Brick Paving Service Grosse Pointe, Michigan

brick paving grosse pointe michiganQuality Brick Paving & Landscaping provides top quality brick paving services in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and surrounding areas. Call the brick pavers you can trust at (248) 837-9991 today!

Brick Pavers Add Value to Your Home

Landscaping pavers come in a variety of materials that will add beauty and value to your home. Whether using them for a walkway, patio or the deck around a pool, landscaping pavers will provide a professional, elegant look and add a spark to your outdoor entertaining.

Brick Landscaping Pavers

Brick is also a commonly-used landscaping paver. This man-made paver is easy to install and a bit cheaper than flagstone. However, it does require a bit more maintenance, such as an annual cleanings and sealing but it is well worth the longevity and appearance.

source: enlightenme.com

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