When tackling a new design project many people want to save money and do it themselves. This may be just fine in some cases but more often than not, the expertise and knowledge of a professional designer will benefit the homeowner.Here is a list of reasons a professional designer may be helpful and save you stress and time.1. Clear the confusion.

Sometimes homeowners will have great ideas of how they want a space to look but will only have individual concepts laid out for each area. A professional designer has the experience and ability to see the larger picture of the design plan and can create a space that is complete.

2. Choose the right materials

There are tons of styles, colors, patterns and application methods that have to be understood when selecting furniture, accessories and hardscape materials for your outdoor space. A landscape designer can help with this process. Not only will a designer know the best materials for a given scenario but they will also select aesthetic combinations that will work well together to create a more unified space.

3. Choose the right plants

There are tons of plants to choose from when creating a new landscape design. Every plant has certain soil, light and water requirements. Many homeowners make mistakes when purchasing and planting their new vegetation because they do not take into account the growth patterns and end up with bare spaces or overcrowding in their plot. A landscape designer has the knowledge and experience with plants to avoid these mistakes. Designers choose plants that are appropriate for each region of the country and also take into account what the plants will look like through the various seasonal transitions.

4. Facilitate plans

Many factors come into play when creating a new landscape project. Taking precise measurements, calculating material needs, calculating costs, ordering and installing materials can seem overwhelming. A professional designer takes care of all these details and creates a good plan, which helps the client know exactly what they are getting and exactly what they are paying for. This saves the client time, money and stress. In addition, all designers have expert installers they trust- which in many cases can be a make it or break it factor to the final result of the design plan.

5. Provide aftercare

When a landscape project is completed sometimes homeowners are left with questions. A designer is available to the client to communicate about any needs related to the new space.  Any issues related to maintenance, special functions and plant care could be addressed and answered quickly and completely.

These are just a few of the reasons it would benefit homeowners to hire a landscape designer. Ultimately you have the ability to describe a motif or “feel’ you want to achieve and more than likely a designer will be able to achieve this without you having to deal with all the messy details. source: boxhilldesign.com

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